2020 Presidential Polls: Joe Biden Takes Commanding Lead Over Bernie Sanders And Rest Of The Democratic Field

Al DragoGetty Images

Joe Biden may be new to the 2020 Democratic race, but the former vice president has already taken a commanding lead over the field.

Just a few weeks after officially entering the race after months of speculation, Biden has cemented his status as the Democratic Party’s frontrunner in a series of polls showing him opening up a wide lead. The newest poll, from Morning Consult, showed that 40 percent of likely Democratic primary voters were backing Biden over the more than 20 competitors in the field. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who has also been pegged as a frontrunner, fell to a distant second with 19 percent of voters.

There was no other candidate with double-digit support of voters, as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was in third with 8 percent followed by California Senator Kamala Harris with 7 percent and South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg with 6 percent.

While Biden was already leading polls even before his April 25 official launch, his support has managed to grow even more since then, The Hill noted. His lead increased 10 percentage points in the Morning Consult poll taken since his launch, the report pointed out.

Joe Biden also appears to be the frontrunner in the mind of one very important person — President Donald Trump. As Salon noted, Trump has turned his attention strongly to Biden with a series of attacks not only on the vice president, but also his son, Hunter Biden.

The report noted that Trump’s allies appear to be focusing in on a New York Times story about how during his time in the White House Biden pressured the Ukraine government to oust its prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin.

“When Biden dangled a billion dollars over the head of the Ukrainian prime minister, prosecutor Shokin was in the middle of investigating a natural gas company called Burisma Holdings,” The Hill noted. “One of the corporation’s board members, as it happens, was Hunter Biden, a New York lawyer who apparently pulled down a salary of $50,000 per month for his role at Burisma.”

Donald Trump’s allies have already been pushing the story as evidence that Joe Biden “bribed” Ukraine in order to help out his son.

There is other, more obvious evidence that Trump sees Joe Biden as a major threat, political experts say. Trump has taken increasing aim at Biden on Twitter, occupying more attention than nearly all the other Democratic candidates.

Joe Biden has other advantages, however, with polls showing that he remains strong across all voting demographics, including those most important in the Democratic primary like black voters.