New Trump Job Creation Report Shows A Mere 797 Jobs Created By His Policies, According To Employers

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On at least 35 occasions, President Donald Trump publicly claimed that his economic policies, and other steps he took, would create 8.9 million new American jobs. But according to an exhaustive study by the independent investigative journalism group Pro Publica, which surveyed dozens of employers who, Trump claimed, have added jobs due to his policies, the actual number is considerably lower.

In fact, the actual number of jobs created by Trump is only about 0.0001 percent of what Trump says it is, according to the study. Data collected by Pro Publica show that Trump’s actions while in office and policies that he has put in place have created a total of 797 jobs.

Though the United States economy added about 4.7 million jobs in the first 24 months of Trump’s term, according to the financial site The Balance, Pro Publica found that the vast majority of those jobs were attributable either to policies created under Trump’s predecessor President Barack Obama or were jobs that companies had already planned to add before Trump became involved.

By contrast with Trump’s first 24 months, the economy added approximately 4.8 million jobs during the final 24 months of Obama’s presidency, according to Pro Publica. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy had added jobs for 75 straight months when Obama reached the end of his second term, the longest streak of job growth since the U.S. began keeping records.

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According to employers surveyed by Pro Publica, only 797 new jobs have been created due to Donald Trump's policies.Featured image credit: Bill PuglianoGetty Images

Trump often makes claims about job creation on his watch, the investigative group found. In February this year, Trump said, via, that the Pledge to America’s Workers, promoted by his daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump, had created 6.5 million jobs.

But the Pledge did not necessarily create jobs at all, Pro Publica found. Instead, that 6.5 million number, later raised to 7.9 million, referred to “opportunities for retraining and continuing education, not necessarily new jobs,” according to the investigative report.

In a May 2017 Twitter post, Trump claimed that deals he had made with the government of Saudi Arabia — reportedly largely arms deals — would be responsible for creating “millions” of jobs. But according to the Pro Publica findings, none of those “millions” of jobs have yet materialized for American workers. The study projects that about 18,000 of those jobs may be created at some point in the future. But that figure is only a tiny fraction of the “millions” promised by Trump.

In March 2017, Trump claimed that under his then-two-month-old watch, ExxonMobil added 45,000 new jobs in the Gulf Coast region. But as Share Blue Media noted, all of those jobs were the result of an investment program initiated by the oil company in 2013 under Obama.