CNN’s W. Kamau Bell Shares His Feelings About Fox Host Tucker Carlson, Saying ‘F**k Him’

Alberto RodriguezGetty Images

On his podcast, The Last Laugh, Matt Willstein recently interviewed CNN host and comedian W. Kamau Bell. Bell talked about his show, United Shades of America, which examines race relations in the country. On a recent episode, Bell showed a clip of Fox News host Tucker Carlson calling the comedian a “leader of the Antifa movement.”

Willstein, who writes for The Daily Beast, says that when he interviewed Bell about his CNN series, Carlson’s comment came up — and it was finally addressed. When the Fox News host initially called Bell an Antifa leader, Bell wanted to respond on social media and put Carlson in his place, but CNN allegedly asked him to cool off and “hold fire.”

Bell said he took a beat, but didn’t forget.

“So they sort of talked to me about, hey, don’t get in a war with Tucker Carlson. But I’m going to hold this. I’m a comedian and an only child. So I keep grudges.”

Bell shared that Carlson’s bookers wanted him to come on the Fox News show to be interviewed, but Bell said that even if CNN had given him the OK, he would have passed on the offer.

“There is no circumstance in which I would do that. I’d rather talk to the Klan again. At least they’re honest.”

Bell explained to Willstein that there were two alt-right marches in his hometown of Berkley, and that they were widely ignored by the town. However, Bell claimed that when the group came back for a third time, all of the anti-racist groups came out and marched against them. Bell said that he joined in, with the hope of drowning out the racist message.

Bell said that, at one point, he was handed a megaphone while the crowd was gathered — and so he made some brief remarks.

“This is the Berkeley I believe in and we’re all here together showing up. Bye, Nazis, bye.”

Bell said that Carlson used the clip on his show, cut out the “bye, Nazis, bye” part, called Antifa a hate organization, and stated that W. Kamau Bell is a hate peddler.

“Oh, f**k him,” Bell said, referring to Carlson.

Bell explained that in his series, United Shades of America, he “samples racism” the a manner similar to the way Anthony Bourdain traveled the world, sampling different kinds of food.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been recently mixing it up with other CNN hosts, including Brian Stelter. Stelter hosts CNN’s Reliable Sources, per The Inquisitr. Carlson reportedly sent Stelter a box of unsolicited donuts in an effort to fat-shame him.

Stelter responded by saying that if this is Carlson’s way of agreeing to an interview, he’ll accept the Dunkin’ Donuts delivery.