California Hiker Rescued By CHP After Being Stalked By Mountain Lion

A California hiker was rescued from an aggressive mountain lion by California Highway Patrol, reports say. The hiker was trapped by a mountain lion about 25 feet from the trail head when he was rescued.

The California Highway Patrol was able to fly low in a helicopter. The noise from the chopper — combined with the bright lights — finally scared the mountain lion back in to the woods.

California Highway Patrol officers Monty Emery and David White were called on to assist the hiker. David Nash of Rocklin, CA, was hiking on the Stevens Trail near Colfax when a mountain lion approached, blocking the trail. Nash was unable to scare the aggressive lion back into the woods. He called for help as the sun was setting.

Emery and White were dispatched in their helicopter to rescue Nash.

“You know, I shudder to think what would have happened if (Nash) wouldn’t have had a cell phone…to call for help,” White told Fox40 News.

Emery and White flew from nearby Air Operations Unit at the Auburn Airport to the trail head, where they saw Nash waving a flashlight to scare the mountain lion, which was about 25 feet from him. With no place to land, the officers hovered as close as possible. Finally, the animal retreated.

“I’d never scared off a mountain lion before using a helicopter,” said Emery.

“We actually had to come in quite low and close to Mr. Nash for the cat to finally take off and run up the mountain,” explained White. “We were able to hover over top of Mr. Nash with a bright light which is our night sun spotlight. And we stayed over the top of him until he met up with deputies further up the trail.”

On Sunday, a state Fish and Wildlife warden came in contact with the mountain lion while out on the trail posting warning signs. The lion allegedly aggressively approached the warden. The warden fatally shot the animal.

[Image via Shutterstock]