WWE News: Triple H Likes Fan’s Tweet Telling Vince McMahon Storylines Are ‘Confusing And Pointless’


Ratings for WWE have been going down for the past year or so, and it appears as if the company is doing whatever they can to get them back up. Many feel as if too many big-name stars have left while some believe that the company merely isn’t listening to the fans. Over the weekend, a fan tweeted to tell Vince McMahon that the “confusing and pointless” storylines are why ratings are plummeting, and Triple H apparently liked it.

Last week, Forbes reported that SmackDown Live hit its lowest ratings in history for an episode that was not on a holiday weekend. When looking at the same week last year, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown were down 30 percent and 25 percent, respectively, and that is not good news at all.

A number of fans have had many complaints as to the problems with WWE’s product, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong. Attendance at live events is also down and the company revealed in their first-quarter earnings call that they have lost some money.

On Saturday, a fan tweeted out to Vince McMahon and tagged Triple H, WWE, and Stephanie McMahon to give them his two cents. In the tweet, the fan lets Vince know that the ratings are sinking due to the storylines and on top of that, he believes wrestlers need to have insurance offered to them.

Oddly enough, Triple H actually liked the tweet.

According to Wrestling Inc., Triple H did like the tweet not too long after it was first sent out by the fan. Everyone could go onto his official Twitter account and see his “likes” which included that particular tweet, and he did indeed like it but that didn’t last long.

This being the time of screenshots and all of that, nothing is actually ever gone once it lands on the Internet. The fact that Triple H liked a tweet which was critical of WWE has since been undone, but the proof is always going to be there.


Some could say it was a mistake, but it’s hard to believe that is the case considering Triple H doesn’t follow that particular fan. No matter the case, he certainly noticed that a fan believed WWE storylines are “confusing and pointless” while superstars need health insurance, and he did like it.

It may have been a short period of time, but it happened.

Vince McMahon heads out to the ring to address the WWE fans.
Featured image credit: WWE

There have been a lot of discussions lately about wrestlers needing health insurance and the ratings of WWE’s big shows going lower and lower. Of course, most of that is just Internet chatter around social media and it is usually just a number of fans having discussions, but Triple H is most certainly watching and reading.