Britney Spears' Conservatorship : Reportedly 'No Battle' Between Parents Jamie And Lynne

On Monday, Britney Spears' mother Lynne filed a legal motion to be kept involved in all issues relating to her daughter's conservatorship, reports People.

The publication obtained the request, which states that Lynne is requesting to be notified of "all matters which special notice may be requested."

In 2008, a Los Angeles court named Britney's father, Jamie, her permanent conservator. He was also appointed permanent co-conservator of her estate with attorney Andrew Wallet. According to documents acquired by The Blast, Wallet stepped down from that position in March.

The Blast reported that Lynne's increased participation in Britney's affairs was discussed by the two parents. Lynne wanted to obtain any updates and information from the court as opposed to Jamie.

A source "close to the situation" told People that the pair are amicably working things out through legal means.

"There's no battle between Jamie and Lynne. Lynne has always been filled in by Jamie and is now just making it official."
The media outlet also spoke to a source related to the Spears family who said Lynne is only doing this out of concern for her daughter.
"Britney is still adjusting to medications. It's a difficult situation for her and Lynne is in L.A. to help. Lynne wants to be more involved in Britney's care because she is her mom. If there is something more they can do for Britney, Lynne wants to make sure Britney gets that help."
The hearing for the conservatorship status is set on Friday, May 10.

Britney was released from the wellness facility where she was receiving treatment on April 25. A Spears family insider told the publication at the time that the singer was happy to be back at home and would be spending her first weekend home with her sons, Sean Preston, 13, and Jayden James, 12, together with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Before leaving the facility, Britney made sure to inform fans she was doing fine and said she just needed time to "deal" with some stress and anxiety that had occurred in her life.

She also emerged to debunk the growing #FreeBritney movement in an attempt to to calm things down. She revealed that her family had even received death threats and implied the rumors were only making it harder for her to get the healing she needed.

Apparently, some of the problems stemmed from Britney's medication. It had begun to lose its potency, and the doctors began weaning her off the old drugs. As they adjusted and prescribed new medicine, the regimen proved difficult to get used to.

A source close to Britney previously revealed the pop star decided to get treatment completely on her own accord and went to get help and concentrate on her own health.