Pure Leaf Tea To Give 10 Sets Of Parents Of Children Born On The Royal Baby’s Birthday Special Treatment

Dave Kotinsky Getty Images

Pure Leaf tea company wants to treat every parent of babies born on the same day as Baby Sussex like royalty.

The company has announced that it will award one American family whose child was born on Monday a $10,000 cash prize, Fox News reported.

In addition to that, the company has announced it will award 10 families with a private portrait session with award-winning photographer, Israeli-born Yaron Leshem. Fifty runners-up will reportedly receive a $100 gift card to image publishing website Shutterfly, which will allow them to create their own birth announcements.

To be eligible to win, families must post a picture announcing the birth of their baby on Instagram or Twitter and tag @PureLeaf and #PureLeafRoyalTEASweepstakes. They must also follow @PureLeaf. The sweepstakes ends on Monday, May 13, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Drinking tea is a popular tradition in Britain — especially a cup of tea in the afternoon. Britons drink some 60 billion cups per year, the Tea and Infusions reported. Broken down, that is more than 900 cups a year for every man, woman, and child in the country.

Travel and Leisure reported that a Portuguese woman named Catherine of Braganza popularized tea in Britain. In 1662, she married King Charles II. Her dowry allegedly included several trunks of luxury items, which included crates of loose leaf tea.

While the British drank tea before Catherine married Charles, they mostly used it medicinally because it was so expensive. At the time, tea was imported from China — a costly endeavor for Britain. Catherine, however, continued to drink her tea, popularizing the activity.

The East India Company reportedly increased its imports of tea, which eventually lowered the price. Over time, tea became accessible to all Britons.

New mom Meghan Markle also likes to drink tea. Before she gave birth, she invited her make-up artist, Daniel Martin, over for some afternoon tea in January, The Daily Mail reported. The get-together was reportedly an “intimate catch-up” at Kensington Palace while he was spending time in London.

What did they drink and eat? They reportedly enjoyed black tea, Sandringham coffee truffles, and avocado slices served on toast.

Martin, who did Markle’s makeup on her wedding day, shared an image from the date on Instagram. He referenced Markle’s now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig.

Apparently, the duchess enjoys black tea, according to The Daily Mail.

As for Pure Leaf, the company makes many varieties of teas, including black and green tea infused with many flavors such as hibiscus, pomegranate, raspberry, and peach.