What Does ‘Dracarys’ Mean On ‘Game Of Thrones’?

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(This post contains spoilers for Sunday night’s fourth episode of Game of Thrones.)

At the end of Sunday night’s very eventful episode of Game of Thrones, Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel), the longtime loyal advisor and hypewoman for Daenerys Targaryen, met her end on the show, executed by the sword of The Mountain, on the orders of Queen Cersei Lannister. Missandei had been taken hostage earlier in the episode.

Prior to her death, Missandei’s final word was “Dracarys.” What does that term mean within the world of the show?

In High Valryian, a fictional language on the series, “Dracarys” is the word for “Dragonfire.” Throughout the series, it’s often been said by Daenerys, as she’s ridden her dragons, in order to order to them to fire, per the Game of Thrones Fandom page.

When Missandei says it, the implication is that she wishes for Dany to avenge her, preferably with dragonfire.

Missandei, per her Fandom page, was first introduced on the show in the third season, worked as an interpreter for one of the slavers of Astapor. She first joined Daenerys when she purchased the army of Unsullied, and later double-crossed the slavers who sold them.

Missandei continued as Daenerys’ aide de camp throughout the next several seasons, later enjoying a sweet romance with eunuch Unsullied leader Grey Worm. When the two, earlier this season, shared their plans for a retirement on the beach, many viewers of the show speculated that such a thing would never occur and at least one of them was likely headed for death.

In addition to the death of Missandei, the fourth episode of the series’ final season also saw several other key events: The survivors of last week’s battle with the White Walkers held a funeral pyre for their dead, and then celebrate through the night. Gendry was named lord of Storm’s End, and then proposed marriage to Arya, who declined, stating that she doesn’t wish to be a lady. Brienne of Tarth loses her virginity to Jaime Lannister, who then left Winterfell to return to his sister/lover, Cersei.

More characters learned the truth of Jon Snow’s parentage, while Tyrion and Lord Varys share some doubts about whether Daenerys is fit for the throne. Another of Daenerys’ dragons was killed in battle, and the sides move towards the final battle over who controls the Iron Throne.

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