Trump Sunday Tweet Storm Calls Fox News Judge Napolitano ‘Unacceptable’

The attacks on Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano by Donald Trump took a sharp turn Sunday morning when the president retweeted a message about the judge calling for him to resign (or be fired) from the Trump White House’s favorite network.

The Daily Beast put a microscope to Trump’s thoughts on Napolitano, who has made it clear that he thinks the president is “immoral” and “repellent,” which is in stark contrast to the general Fox News theme which supports the Trump White House and administration.

Sunday morning, Trump retweeted a message from an obscure account with 92 followers which called Napolitano’s coverage of the president “unacceptable.”

“When you look at the continuous incorrect statements by Napolitano over the past 2 years, it is fair to ask FNC why they allow him to have national airtime. The man has been significantly wrong on at least 8 major occasions. Unacceptable! Take him off the air!”

The responses to the retweets were harsh, suggesting that you know the end is near when Trump starts tweeting and retweeting about firing Fox News employees for not just stating an opinion, but stating the truth on a legal basis.

Weighing in on the matter in support of Napolitano was a former federal prosecutor and CNN correspondent Renato Mariotti, who agreed that everything the judge had said about obstruction is “well-established law.”

Mediaite seemed puzzled at why Trump would retweet the opinion of someone with the account name “Howard H.” The president has had a strong reaction to Judge Napolitano’s criticism of Attorney General William Barr, Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the lack of obstruction findings in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Mediaite stated that Donald Trump has never been an adherent to the idea of presidential decorum, but today, the “retweeting of some rando on Twitter calling for the ostensible firing of the well-respected legal mind of Andrew Napolitano is a new level that we haven’t quite seen before.” suggested that Napolitano has not been inconsistent in his criticism of Trump for presidential abuses of power, because he did the same to Barack Obama and George W. Bush when they were in office.

In Napolitano’s analysis of the Mueller report on Russian interference, the judge has listed multiple examples where he claims that Trump attempted to interfere with the special counsel’s investigation, making him guilty per federal law of obstruction of justice.

Trump insists that Napolitano is simply bent on revenge because the judge asked to be appointed to the Supreme Court, and the president declined.

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