May 5, 2019
Bernie Sanders Points Out Joe Biden Supported Iraq War, NAFTA, Wall Street Deregulation

In an interview with ABC broadcast Sunday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders discussed the differences between himself and former Vice President Joe Biden, RealClearPolitics reports.

Even though the Democratic primary is months away, most of the declared candidates' campaigns are already in full swing. The latest well-known Democrat to enter the race, former Vice President Joe Biden, is leading in the majority of the polls. Trailing him is Bernie Sanders, but the two men have almost nothing in common.

ABC host Jonathan Karl reminded Bernie Sanders' of a claim Biden recently made. The former Delaware representative recently suggested that he is the most "progressive" candidate in the race.

"Look, Joe is a good friend of mine, and I'm not here to attack Joe," Sanders responded, and then pointed out the ideological differences between himself and the former vice president. From trade policy, over healthcare, to regulation, the two men are essentially on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

"I led the effort against it. Joe voted for NAFTA and permanent normal trade relations -- trade agreements with China. I led the effort against that. Joe voted for the deregulation of Wall Street. I voted against that."
"You know, I think if you look at Joe's record, and you look at my record, I don't think there's much question about who's more progressive," Sanders added.

But Bernie Sanders merely scratched the surface, seemingly refraining from taking the gloves off. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, votes for banking deregulation, the Iraq war, and anti-labor trade agreements could turn out to be the least of Joe Biden's problems in a crowded -- and relatively progressive -- Democratic field.

In the early days of his career, Joe Biden supported busing segregation. Biden was also close friends, in his own words, with notorious segregationist politician Strom Thurmond -- Thurmond ran for president on a segregationist platform and never gave up on his ideals.

Furthermore, Biden recently praised Vice President Mike Pence, calling him a "decent" guy. He used similar words to describe George W. Bush's vice president, Dick Cheney.

Biden has a mixed record on social issues such as abortion and LGBTQ rights, and he hasn't come out in support of single-payer healthcare. Biden supported the war on drugs and a slew of tough-on-crime policies. He has also been credited with laying the groundwork for the PATRIOT Act.

Bernie Sanders opined during his interview with ABC's Jonathan Karl that Democratic candidates should not refrain from debating issues. According to the Vermont Senator, the Democrats should focus on issues instead of "personal attacks."

Sanders concluded the interview by expressing hope that all candidates will, in the end, come together and back whoever the nominee is in order to defeat Donald Trump, "the most dangerous president in modern American history."