May 5, 2019
WWE News: Roman Reigns Says He Will Be On 'Raw,' WWE Tells Him He Will Not

A few weeks ago, the WWE Superstar Shake-Up moved a lot of big names from one show to the other and Roman Reigns ended up being one of them. The "Big Dog" is now a member of the SmackDown Live roster, but it appears as if he wasn't quite done with everything over on Monday Night Raw. Reigns has said that he plans on being on this week's red brand show, but WWE has responded by saying he won't be.

Ever since joining SmackDown Live, Reigns has made quite a bit of noise on Tuesday nights. He started things out by punching Vince McMahon out and has since started up a feud with Elias who was also moved over to the blue brand in the Superstar Shake-Up.

As a matter of fact, Reigns and Elias are scheduled for a match at Money In The Bank later this month. Still, it appears as if the former member of The Shield has some things he needs to do over on Raw first, and it's become rather odd.

The strange situation has come about via social media, with Reigns hopping on Twitter to let everyone know his plans.

It's a mystery what kind of "business" needs to be done by Roman Reigns on Raw, but that was only the beginning of the disagreement. Less than an hour after Reigns made his declaration to appear on this week's red brand show, WWE shut him down and denied that he would be there.
So, Reigns says he is going to be on Raw and WWE says he isn't going to be on the show because he's now obligated to SmackDown Live. It's a rather strange situation which is obviously setting up an angle of some kind, but it doesn't make any sense to do this right now.

Reigns is involved in a feud with Elias, which has them scheduled for a one-on-one match in just two weeks. Not to mention, Reigns was moved to SmackDown after Dean Ambrose officially left WWE and they kept Seth Rollins on Raw, which brought an official end to The Shield.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as former brothers of The Shield.

When Reigns returned from his battle with leukemia, there was a promo involving him and Rollins which discussed their past. Rollins went on to win the WWE Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35, and that was done with the blessing of Reigns.

Fans need to remember that Reigns had to relinquish that very title when his leukemia battle was revealed and he announced that he would need time off. Not long after making his intentions known to show up on Raw, Rollins decided to respond to the idea that his friend was heading to his show.

The website of WWE did go as far as to include their official decree in this week's preview for Monday Night Raw. They have confirmed that Roman Reigns will not be on this week's show despite what he said on Twitter, but fans know this could just be misdirection.