WWE News: Bray Wyatt Says He Hid A Secret Message In His 2015 Promos, Offers A 'Prize' If Found

Bray Wyatt recently returned to WWE television with a brand new gimmick, which has him hosting a children's show called Firefly Fun House. Throughout his time on the main roster, Wyatt has always been rather strange and not always straightforward in his thinking. Now, the mad genius has offered up a prize if someone can find the secret message he hid in his old promos from 2015.

Wyatt has always been someone who seemed to speak in riddles when he presented promos or hosted segments. Oftentimes, some fans didn't even really listen to his promos, as they figured he was spouting off a bunch of random nonsense.

"Follow the Buzzards!" Wyatt shouted, at one point.

That was just one of many things that the former WWE Champion used to say when he was the leader of The Wyatt Family. He would taunt his enemies and try to get into their heads, all while playing mind games against those he was going to face in the ring.

Now, it appears as if there was much more to some of his old promos, and it seems the entire WWE Universe missed it. Bray Wyatt took to Twitter on Saturday evening and decided to tell the world that they missed a secret message he hid for them in his promos, which aired back in 2015.

Bray Wyatt broods in the darkness during one of his older promos.

On Saturday night, Wyatt took to Twitter to drop some interesting tidbits of information for his followers. It appears as if every WWE fan missed out on something he shared four years ago.

Immediately, fans started going on YouTube and looking up old Bray Wyatt promos to see what he was referring to. The thing is, he didn't specify exactly when in 2015 these promos aired, or what feud he was engaged in when delivering them.

Wyatt simply said that the eight random sentences he threw into those promos would come together to form a secret message.

Someone is bound to find them, as he gave a few clues to help steer people in the right direction.

  • 2015
  • Eight consecutive weeks
  • All backstage promos
  • One sentence doesn't belong
As a number of people on Twitter started inquiring into this secret message and asking for more info, while others were doubtful. One fan actually questioned the authenticity of this whole wild goose chase, but Wyatt was quick to squash that.
As of Sunday morning, the secret message in Bray Wyatt's old promos has not been discovered. Do you think you can find it? What on earth could the prize possibly be?