May 5, 2019
Fox News Host Ridicules Joe Biden's Campaign Slogan

After former Vice President Joe Biden announced his 2020 presidential campaign, he and his wife, Jill, went on the popular morning show Good Morning America. In his first post-announcement interview, Biden discussed a number of pressing issues, opining about the current state of American politics.

Biden seized the opportunity to criticize President Donald Trump, focusing on the president's refusal to explicitly condemn white supremacy, and other extremist ideologies. But as Rolling Stone notes, Biden also revealed during the interview what he claims will be his 2020 campaign slogan: "Make America Moral Again."

While it remains to be seen whether Joe Biden will succeed in winning the presidency, and "making America moral again," conservative media is already on the case, ridiculing the former vice president's motto.

Fox News host Jesse Watters kicked off his show on Saturday by doing just that -- ridiculing Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign slogan, Mediaite reports.

Watters began his monologue by comparing Joe Biden and Donald Trump's crowd sizes. The host said that only 600 people had showed up to Biden's Pittsburgh event. President Donald Trump, however, spoke before a crowd of 12,000, according to the host, who said that "no one is driving hours and hours to hear Joe Biden speak."

Watters then went on to play a clip from Biden's Good Morning America interview, introducing the viewership to the former vice president's campaign slogan. The host pointed out how similar it is to Donald Trump's signature "Make America Great Again" motto, jokingly accusing Biden of copying Trump.

"That is your motto? You ripped off Trump's motto and changed a word, make America moral again? Make America the essence of what we are? It doesn't even fit on a bumper sticker."
Joe Biden is currently leading in the polls, and appears to be way ahead of the rest of the Democratic primary field. Trailing the former vice president is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is also considered one of the front-runners. Furthermore, in every single general election poll, according to RealClearPolitics, Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump.

What could complicate matters for Joe Biden as the primaries progress is his right-wing voting record, and attitudes seemingly out-of-place in today's Democratic Party. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Joe Biden is the only Democrat running to have supported the Iraq war, and he has voted for right-wing legislation throughout his career.

Biden supported a number of policies that do not fare well today, such as the drug war and banking deregulation. The former vice president's past support for segregation is also guaranteed to cause issues, as is his habit to praise right-wing politicians.