Here’s Another Hint That Meghan Markle’s Likely To Give Birth Soon & It Has To Do With TV

Although rumors were rife that Meghan Markle had supposedly already given birth to the royal baby, the official story is that she’s yet to go into labor. And while the due date was expected in late April or early May, which puts us squarely in the time frame right now, there’s one more sign that could indicate that the Duchess could be giving birth very soon. It turns out that Gayle King revealed on Instagram on Friday that she’s “Flying to the UK to shoot stuff for prime time Royal special… lots of time to listen to @ritawilsonnew music ‘Halfway Home’,” reported Hello! Magazine.

Gayle notably stood up for Meghan alongside Oprah when the latter accused the British media of treating the Duchess unfairly, noted The Inquisitr. And she also spilled the beans on all of the details from the much-talked-about baby shower that took place in New York. Clearly, the two are close. And while it would be presumptuous to say that King has insider information that helped her time her trip to the U.K., her presence in the country signals that the good news about the royal baby could be coming very soon.

Hopefully, the media’s treatment of Meghan and Prince Harry’s baby will be positive, unlike the flurry of negative press that the Duchess has suffered in the months following the wedding.

For the most part, Meghan was covered in the media in a positive light around the time of the royal wedding. However, later on as time passed, rumors began to leak about drama in the palace. So while the coverage of the royal baby appears to be all positive for now, it could potentially take a turn for the worse later down the road. Hopefully not, but if the press follows the same pattern as they did when covering the wedding, the tone could change dramatically as time passes.

But unlike previous coverage of women who married into the royal family like Kate Middleton and Princess Diana, Meghan Markle has something they didn’t have to the same degree. And that’s the attention of the U.S. media and fans, who can have a different perspective of the British royal family. Already, Markle’s friends have stood up for her publicly in the U.S., and it’s unlikely to change as she progresses in her new role.

With that being said, fans are waiting to hear the official baby announcement with bated breath. And finally, we’ll find out the gender and name of the newest addition to the royal family.

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