White House ‘Destroyed’ Documents Instead Of Turning Them Over To Mueller, Alleges Former Aide

President Donald Trump’s White House “destroyed” at least five boxes of documents instead of turning them over to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, claims longtime Trump aide Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Manigault Newman — who was a contestant on The Apprentice, and worked as a White House aide — made the shocking claim during an interview with MSNBC broadcast Saturday, Raw Story reports.

Manigault Newman revealed that the administration had been asked to “preserve all information” related to Mueller’s Russia probe.

Aides, officials, and staff were ordered to save all text messages, documents, and emails, in case Mueller’s prosecutors needed them. According to the former White House aide — who worked on the Trump campaign, and on the president’s transition team — she was instructed to leave seven boxes of documents.

However, according to Manigault Newman, five of the seven boxes have likely been destroyed.

“What’s very curious to me is that, as I stated, it was seven boxes of documents, and in my emails, they only referenced two, which leads me to believe that they’ve destroyed the other five,” she said, adding that other documents have likely been destroyed as well in order to hide crucial evidence from Mueller.

“I believe I’m not the only one who’s been subjected to this type of treatment, and I believe that there are more documents that have been destroyed by this administration,” she said.

Taken aback by Omarosa’s comments, MSNBC host Reverend Al Sharpton asked the former White House aide to confirm that it is indeed possible that documentation and evidence had been destroyed.

“Oh, there’s no question,” she replied.

Manigault Newman then went on to explain that this would not be unusual or out of the ordinary. The Trump administration, according to her, routinely engages in similar practices in order to “keep people silent.”

“I believe that this is a pattern with this administration of being disrespectful to congressional requests, of trying to use intimidation and all types of tactics to keep people silent,” the former White House aide told MSNBC.

It remains unclear whether or not Omarosa Manigault Newman is telling the truth or not but President Donald Trump has already been accused of obstructing Mueller’s investigation. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Robert Mueller wrote in his final report that the president had attempted to obstruct justice but failed to do so because his aides refused to follow orders.

Mueller did not charge Trump with the crime but he outlined a number of instances which are being interpreted as Trump’s attempts to obstruct the probe. Mueller will testify before the United States Congress soon and likely reveal whether or not he believes Trump is guilty of obstruction.