‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter Goes All-Out For First Real Date With Maxie

Michael YadaABC

Maxie and Peter have been dancing around a romance with one another for months now, but General Hospital spoilers tease that things are finally about to take off for this pair. After hemming and hawing, the two kissed not long ago, but they have yet to successfully share a true first date. They will finally have one soon and it’ll be a big one.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Peter and Maxie will spend their first real date together in Paris. How does that come together? General Hospital spoilers suggest that Anna will play something of a role in this.

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest explains that Peter will struggle with some cold feet, but a talk with his mother, Anna, propels him into action. As viewers know, Peter simply doesn’t have much life experience when it comes to relationships and that has had him essentially frozen in terms of moving forward with Maxie.

Actor Wes Ramsey, who plays Peter, explains that talking with Anna will bolster his confidence and he’ll decide he wants to take Maxie to Paris for their date.

“Peter is asking her to be impulsive, and one of the best parts of this is that he actually believes that she will be on board and be game.”

Maxie will be excited in seeing his excitement, and the two will take the trip. General Hospital spoilers note that she will tell Peter that he doesn’t have to be so big and bold in working to woo her, but he’ll be anxious to do something magical for her since it’s taken so long to get to this point.

Apparently, Maxie’s comments about Peter not having to be so extravagant will rattle him. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will offer to have the plane take them back to Port Charles, but she’ll reassure him she’s right where she wants to be. Ramsey notes that this trip will give fans some wonderful moments of Peter and Maxie together, being their true selves.

“I think what is endearing about this date is that you do get to see a lot of variety in the colors of their personalities, and how they do their dance – how they find each other when they’re nervous or embarrassed, how they sense that in each other – and also how they use their genuine connection to almost instantly calm each other down. It’s part of what makes them such a strong, beautiful couple with so much potential.”

A lot of fans have been slow to warm to the idea of Maxie and Peter as a couple. Last year at this time, she was mourning Nathan’s death and was heavily pregnant with James. Now, she’s slowly working on moving on, and Peter has been working on figuring out how to live a full life after the sheltered upbringing he had.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that this Peter and Maxie romance will probably continue to proceed slowly and cautiously. However, this trip to Paris should finally give the pairing some momentum they’ve struggled to find up to this point.