‘The Challenge’ Season 34 Cast Rumors


MTV’s hit reality competition series The Challenge is currently nearing the end of its 33rd season, “War of the Worlds.” The most recent season is being regarded as one of the best in years, for its likable rookies and impressive challenges. With “War of the Worlds” about to come to a close in a few weeks, many fans are wondering what’s going to come next.

For now, the only thing brewing regarding Season 34 are just rumors, and nothing has been confirmed just yet. According to The Challenge Vevmo page, shooting for the next season is going to start later this month, with a mix of well-known veterans and rookies joining the cast.

The Vevmo page has separated possible cast members into three different categories: Most likely to appear, up in the air, and those very likely to not appear. There are quite a few names on each of the three lists, with plenty of veterans and rookies in both.

Those most likely to appear are Aneesa Ferreira, Cara Maria Sorbello, Georgia Harrison, Kam Williams, Nany Gonzalez, Tori Deal, Zahida Allen, Johnny Bananas, Jozea Flores, Paulie Calafiore, Stephen Bear, Theo Campbell, Wes Bergmann, and Zachary Nichols.

The most surprising name of the bunch is Aneesa, who hasn’t appeared on an actual Challenge since Dirty 30. Cara and Johnny are almost certainties these days as the longtime veterans haven’t missed a Challenge in years.

Those who are still up in the air are Angela Babicz, Ashley Mitchell, Britni Thornton, Camila Nakagawa, Da’vonne Rogers, Dee Nguyen, Georgia Steel, Kailah Casillas, Kayleigh Morris, Kaz Crossley, KellyAnne Judd, Laurel Stucky, Louise Hazel, Mattie Breaux, Melissa Reeves, Natalie “Ninja” Duran, Nicole Zanatta, Ashley Cain, Chase McNary, Cory Wharton, CT Tamburello, Gus Smyrnios, Hunter Barfield, Jordan Wiseley, Josh Martinez, Joss Mooney, Kyle Christie, Nelson Thomas, Paul Abrahamian, Rogan O’Connor, Tony Raines, and Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran.

Those reported more than likely not joining Season 34 are Amanda Garcia, Jenna Compono, Natalie Negrotti, Rachel Robinson, Shaleen Sutherland, Sylvia Elsrode, Theresa Gonzalez, Tori Hall, Veronica Portillo, Brad Fiorenza, Casper Smart, and Shane Landrum.

Out of that bunch, Amanda Garcia is the only player to say she will never return to The Challenge, after having issues with production this past season. The Inquisitr covered Amanda’s story earlier this year where she admitted she was done with the network forever.

As filming approaches, the cast lineup will likely change and can never be 100 percent confirmed until MTV releases the official list on their website.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.