Toddler Doesn’t Want To Nap [video]

This face-planting toddler doesn’t want to take a nap, as seen in this YouTube video.

Baby Jude is obviously not in the mood to take a nap, as seen in this home video. This toddler is seen repeatedly standing up and falling back down instead of taking a nap, and his parents are getting a kick out of it in this video from the Huffington Post.

The first time, he stands straight up in his dark colored crib, and just falls straight forward on his face in the bedding, followed by his dad having a chuckle.

The second fall, he knows he’s being watched, so you can see his bespectacled face turn toward the camera as he puts his arms over his head and falls straight on his face again, this time to the added amusement of his mother.

Jude goes for round three, pulling himself back up, putting his arms overhead, and almost throwing himself down face-first.

After this, he just quickly gets up and falls again, this time without the dramatic arms up. He just rolls around a bit this time afterward.

This is followed by his getting back up and just nixing the showmanship for the pure fun of it as he goes for the quick dive and more rolling and flailing.

The next time, little Jude gets back up and puts on another show, arms overhead and falling straight forward on his face for another chuckle.

Again he gets up, but without the arms up, he falls forward again.

Finally, the last go accompanies the father saying:

“I’m not sure somebody’s gonna get a nap today.”

Jude falls one last time as his mom says:

“What’s he doing?”

What did you think of the YouTube video of the toddler who doesn’t want to nap?