‘General Hospital’ Recap: Oscar’s Fate Is Revealed As Heartbreak Shatters Port Charles

Craig SjodinABC

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital was all about Oscar Nero, and there were some buzzworthy twists and turns incorporated. Just as the sneak peek for the May 1 show had teased, the teen seemingly made a miraculous recovery for a bit. However, as the show progressed, heartbreak hit.

Warning! Possible spoilers ahead!

Early on in Wednesday’s show, viewers watched as Lila and Edward paid a visit to a declining Oscar. Of course, as the Baltimore Sun has noted, both Anna Lee and John Ingle, the actors General Hospital fans think of as Lila and Edward, passed away in real life some time ago. As a result, the show had stand-in actors whom they showed from the back and other angles.

At one point, Oscar seemed to regain consciousness and felt great. Viewers were given scenes where everybody gathered at the hospital, and Dr. Terry proclaimed a miracle had occurred.

Dr. Terry proclaimed that Oscar’s tumor had shrunk considerably, and he was essentially in remission. Everybody gathered at Charlie’s to celebrate as viewers braced themselves for things to suddenly change. Was this really happening or was it a dream or hallucination?

The answer came as Oscar then saw Sonny and Carly cooing over their new baby, Kim showing off an engagement ring, and teens Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron celebrating their high school graduation. Oscar smiled slightly as he watched Joss leave Charlie’s in her cap and gown while holding hands with a new beau.

Next came a difficult scene still at Charlie’s with Josslyn upset, telling Oscar that he couldn’t be gone yet as they still had things on their calendar to do. Oscar explained that he realized he was given this time because he didn’t know how to let go, and he tried to hold on.

However, the teen explained he was in limbo and nobody could move forward as long as everybody begged him to stay and refused to let go. Oscar talked about all of the amazing things that everybody should be moving forward to do, and he told Joss that his life has been full, even if it hadn’t been long.

Oscar and Josslyn exchanged sentiments of loving one another and shared a final kiss, and Oscar said he was ready to go home. Lila and Edward were seen walking out of Charlie’s and past the couple. The scene then shifted to the bedroom at the Quartermain mansion where Oscar was sleeping and Joss was reading to him.

The book dropped as Josslyn fell asleep and Oscar briefly opened his eyes. He smiled as he gazed at Joss and then viewers watched as characters like Cameron, Terry, Carly, and others carried on with everything they had been doing.

Trina read what Cam had been writing on his laptop – a beautiful tribute to Oscar and the love he had for Josslyn. Ned and Monica had spent time at the family mausoleum revisiting the Quartermaine loved ones who have passed, and Monica noted that it was Lila’s birthday.

In the last moment of Wednesday’s show, Oscar looked toward Lila and Edward as they stood in the bedroom, and Kim jolted as she sat on the stairs with Drew. Then, Oscar got out of the bed, gave a sleeping Josslyn a kiss, and walked away with Lila and Edward.

Josslyn woke, felt her cheek where she’d been kissed, and a tear fell down her cheek as she looked over at Oscar, seemingly starting to realize that her beau has just died.

Previews for Thursday’s show indicate that there will be scenes showing Kim, Drew, and Josslyn coping with this loss, and it looks like Joss calls her dad Jax and asks him to come home. In addition, She Knows Soaps shares that there will be plenty of action on other fronts, specifically more with the Dawn of Day chaos.

For those General Hospital fans who have come to like Oscar and his storyline, this was certainly a rough episode. Spoilers detail that the fallout will be intense as the teen’s passing impacts many people throughout Port Charles.