New Poll Reveals Voters Think Trump’s Twitter Use Could Cost Him Reelection

Win McNamee Getty Images

There is little doubt that President Donald Trump likes to tweet. He is the first president to use the social media site on a daily — sometimes hourly — basis.

While tweeting may help the president get his message out to his nearly 60 million followers, a new poll suggests that some voters think his use of Twitter could cost him the 2020 election.

The poll, conducted by Politico in conjunction with non-partisan media company Morning Consult, revealed that nearly half of voters polled — 46 percent — say that the president’s Twitter use hurts his chances for reelection. That number is more than twice the amount — 22 percent — of voters who believe that tweeting will help the president in the upcoming election. Seventeen percent of those polled said it would not affect the election either way.

Sixty percent of those polled said the president’s Twitter use was “a bad thing,” Politico reported. Of Democrat voters, 87 percent say Trump’s use of Twitter is negative, and 56 percent of independent voters agree. Republican voters were divided on the issue with 39 percent saying it was a good thing and 34 percent saying it was bad.

Of the voters polled, 55 percent said the president’s use of Twitter hurts his presidency. Fifty-four percent said it hurt America’s standing in the world. Forty-eight percent said it hurt national security, and 13 percent said it helped.

Other results from the poll showed that seven out of 10 voters said Trump used Twitter too much, 14 percent said he used it the right amount, and 1 percent said he did not tweet enough.

Politico reported that voters’ opinions regarding the president’s use of the social media site have remained consistently negative since he took office. The outlet reported that a poll taken last year revealed that 72 percent of voters said Trump tweeted too much. In a June 2017 poll, 68 percent of those polled said the president used Twitter too much.

The poll comes after the president has been particularly active on Twitter, expressing his thoughts about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.

Tyler Sinclair, Morning Consult’s vice president, said that the president’s base sees his use of Twitter as a positive thing.

“Fifty-one percent of Republican voters say President Trump uses Twitter too much, compared with 58 percent who said the same in May 2018. Among the same group, 38 percent say his use of the social network will help his reelection efforts, while only 25 percent say it will hurt those efforts,” he said.

The poll was reportedly conducted on April 28 and 29, with 1,995 registered voters surveyed.