‘General Hospital’ Daily Dose For Tuesday: Franco Comforts A Broken Drew

Craig SjodinABC Press

General Hospital has brought two unlikely men who share a past together to form a unique friendship. The pairing of Franco Baldwin and Andrew Cain as friends has brought some memorable scenes and Tuesday’s episode was one of them. Drew is suffering unimaginable sorrow as he faces the death of his son, Oscar Nero.

Franco showed up at the Quartermaine mansion where Oscar is spending his last days with his family. He brought a painting of his to give to Oscar. The teen had once spied the painting and mentioned to Cameron how much he liked it, so Franco wanted to give it to him. Drew was touched by the gesture. He ended up breaking down and Franco was there for him. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveals that Wednesday will most likely be the day that everyone says goodbye to Oscar. Drew and Kim will be forced to face a future without their only child together.

Franco’s heart-to-heart with Drew was an emotional one for both of them. Franco wanted to do something more than to give a gift to Oscar, but all he could get out at first was to say that he was sorry. Drew told him that he is tired of everyone trying to find anything positive out of his son dying, as he let his emotions show.

“My son is dying and there’s no positive there. And I just found him, Franco. My son, a piece of me. A piece of that past that I can’t remember, and the most shameful part of it is my son has it so much worse because he is losing every inch of his future.”

Franco can relate as he lost Kiki months ago. Although she wasn’t his biological daughter, they had a father-daughter relationship over the years. He told Drew how hard it has been and that grieving is a personal process for everyone who loses a loved one. He shared about his own experience with grief, telling Drew that he still struggles and how painting helps.

Franco told Drew that he is waiting for the time when all of the good that she did will come to him first instead of the reality that she is gone. He said that someday remembering Kiki’s life won’t be overwhelmed by her death. He admitted that it was “slow-going.”

Drew appreciated what Franco said. They even shared a laugh on how much Franco talks. He told Drew that they are brothers and that he would always be there for him. That choked Drew up, saying how grateful he is for that.

This General Hospital duo has fans wanting more of them. Wednesday’s episode will reveal even more raw emotions as Oscar’s family prepares for the worst.