WWE News: Former World Champion Makes Fun Of His Own New WWE Merchandise


A few weeks ago, Bray Wyatt finally made his return to WWE television. However, he was no longer the same superstar that fans had known for years. Now, he is the host of a segment called the “Firefly Fun House,” one which will ultimately lead to his in-ring return on either Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live. Along with his new gimmick, Wyatt also has new merchandise — offerings that neither the WWE Universe, nor he, is very happy about.

On Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar, Jason Baker spoke about the new Firefly Fun House segments that he had directed for WWE. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., they are working up to Bray Wyatt’s in-ring return, and these segments are meant to portray a different type of monster in the former WWE Champion.

“To me, personally, growing up before I got into special makeup effects I went to school for psychology. All the monsters you see in real life, they look normal. If you looked at a picture of Ted Bundy and didn’t know that was Ted Bundy, you would probably think that looks like a nice guy. I mean John Wayne Gacy was a pillar of his community. True monsters hide right out in the open. They look just like you and me. To me, that’s more terrifying than any monster you can see on a film.”

Along with this new persona for Bray Wyatt, a new line of merchandise is coming out for him via the WWE Shop. Not long after it was released for the fans to buy, Bray Wyatt decided to poke fun at his own merchandise by posting on Twitter.

Of course, a plain black t-shirt isn’t really what Bray Wyatt’s official new shirt looks like, but the real one isn’t too bad. There are fans out there, though, who agree with Wyatt, not being overly thrilled with the generic look to the shirt.

The actual t-shirt comes in red or yellow, and has a squared off logo for the Firefly Fun House.

There is still a lot to learn about Bray Wyatt since his return to WWE television — and since taking on this new gimmick. While there are aspects of his old persona in this new one, the Firefly Fun House is certainly a different take on things. In time, fans will know which brand he will be on, and will also see if he ends up getting some different — perhaps more traditional — merchandise.