Mozilla Firefox OS For Mobile? Dumb Idea [Op-Ed]

COMMENTARY | Mozilla’s Firefox operating system for mobile devices is a dumb idea.

A few years ago, Mozilla might have been able to convince us that Firefox would be a good idea for mobile software, but now it’s just a joke.

According to Forbes, Mozilla’s Firefox OS for mobile phones is not limited like iOs, Windows and Android. Firefox is based on the open web. Firefox apparently boasts interaction with many of its HTML5-based applications. The phone is basically an internet browser.

Bad timing, Mozilla. Firefox is plagued with slowdown, terrible launch time, and plug-ins that don’t work half the time when the browser gets updated. Before launching a mobile operating system, Mozilla should focus on creating a browser that people actually want to use again. Nobody wants a glitch-filled experience that threatens to crash every time it’s opened.

Mozilla is a not-for-profit organization, which means the Firefox OS will be free. That’s a good thing, considering nobody should have to pay for something based on such a glitch-ridden browser.

On Sunday Mozilla said four manufacturers are planning to support the operating system. LG Electronics, ZTE and Alcatel One Touch are planning to be part of the first wave of Firefox phones.

Good luck with that.

We can only hope that Mozilla can fix the issues that already exist with a browser that nobody likes any more before the mobile plans hit the market. Windows had a similar problem a few years ago with an operating system that ran so slowly after a while that we spent half of our time just waiting for it to respond to its touch controls.

What do you think? Is Mozilla’s Firefox mobile operating system a dumb idea?