‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Curtis Is Pushing For Answers And Jordan’s Condition Worsens

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Tuesday’s episode will cover a lot of ground. There’s more Dawn of Day drama on the way, but the sneak peek into the April 30 show reveals that viewers will get to see action connected to both Curtis and Jordan as well.

The sneak peek shared via the show’s Twitter page details that Stella will quickly find Jordan after her collapse. Viewers watched during Monday’s show as Jordan was at General Hospital and during a moment alone fell and seemingly lost consciousness.

Stella comes around the corner and is stunned to see Jordan collapsed, prompting her to rush to help. General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps share that Jordan’s desperate need for a kidney donation will continue to be a prominent part of the May sweeps period.

Jordan’s been trying to cover up how serious her situation is, at least from Curtis, but this collapse may make it impossible to hide the truth any longer. Jordan needs a new kidney if she hopes to get back to regular life again, but General Hospital spoilers hint that a donor probably won’t be popping up anytime soon.

While matching live donors can donate one of their kidneys, it doesn’t look as if the show is going that route. Fans have been trying to guess who on the canvas might perhaps meet an untimely end at some point soon, with that person’s death magically providing the much-needed donation.

Oscar looks like the most likely Port Charles resident to be dying next, but it would be a major stretch for the writers to have cancer-stricken Oscar successfully donate a kidney to Jordan. General Hospital spoilers have hinted that both Ryan and Shiloh could be knocked off at some point relatively soon and seeing either of them become an organ donor could be an intriguing twist.

As Stella helps Jordan, Curtis is in Niagara Falls trying to find Ryan. He tracked down Timmy, the guy who was paid to break into the pharmacy to steal drugs that could have been useful to Ryan, and Timmy threw out an intriguing tidbit that will be further explored during Tuesday’s show.

Timmy says that a woman paid him to break into the pharmacy. Those back in Port Charles involved in trying to figure this out have pondered the idea that someone is helping Ryan, and now it would seem as if a woman may indeed be helping the missing psychopath.

General Hospital spoilers note that Curtis will further press Timmy to reveal who the woman is who contacted him about stealing the drugs. Will Curtis get answers, and will these answers turn out to be anything stunning for viewers?

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, it does seem that Ryan is still alive and many suspect that he’ll wreak havoc during the upcoming Nurses Ball. Who is helping him and how will he be taken down? What will it take to save Jordan?

General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get intense as these storylines progress, and fans will have a lot to talk about as things fall into place.