Kristin Davenport Pictures: Georgia Teacher’s Social Media, Mugshot Go Viral After Arrest For Sex With Student

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

Kristin Davenport is under arrest for allegedly having sex with a student, and the 26-year-old Georgia teacher’s mugshot and social media shots are now gaining viral interest across the globe.

Police this week arrested the Northside High School teacher for allegedly having sex with a student, The Sun reported. The report did not go into details of the alleged encounter, but said the teacher is believed to have had sex with a student at the school. Other reports were not so clear about the circumstances, not specifying exactly what the contact may have been or the exact relationship between Davenport and the alleged victim.

The report noted that police had been tipped off at the alleged relationship on April 18, and had arrested the teacher exactly one week later.

Kristin Davenport was still in her position as of Monday, but was taken out of the classroom the day after police received the tip about her alleged relationship. Her Facebook page said that she had worked at the school since 2016.

Davenport’s arrest drew considerable interest as she was the third teacher in the Georgia county to be arrested in the last 10 days.

After news of Davenport’s arrest was released this week, district officials spoke out about the spate of arrests. Two other substitute teachers had been arrested, one on charges of sexual assault of a person in custody and child molestation and another for a charge of simple battery and criminal trespass.

“While we do regret the need to address three personnel incidents in the past couple of weeks, it is important to note that they were three out of 5,800 plus full time employees and several hundred more substitutes who strive every day to provide a safe learning environment conducive for student learning. Please be assured if there are other allegations or ever allegations of any possible inappropriate conduct by an employee it will always result in immediate investigation and appropriate action,” said Muscogee County Superintendent David Lewis.

The arrest of Kristin Davenport drew interest not just for the vague circumstances and the alleged crimewave in the county, but for the young teacher’s vibrant social media pages and her mugshot. Pictures of Davenport circulated on social media, including shots of the blonde-haired teacher posing at what appeared to be a wedding.

It was not clear yet if Kristin Davenport was being held in jail for the charges she allegedly had sex with a student, or if the 26-year-old teacher had a lawyer.