Miami Courthouse: Adorable Dog Sneaks In [video]

An adorable dog snuck into a Miami courthouse on Friday.

A small black dog was looking for its owner as it persisted, and eventually succeeded, to enter a courthouse in Miami. The adorable pooch made its way in through a metal detector queue, and was soon ushered out by security.

The video from the Huffington Post starts with the small dog dancing about and clamoring for attention with its paws on the glass outside a door to the building. Tail wagging with vigor, the dog soon moved along to another glass door next to a potted plant on the other side of a wall divider, backing away from a lady who appears to be shooing it away, then returning to the door and pawing the glass.

The small dog seems to dance between the doors for a few seconds until someone opens the door where it started. It squeezes in between the people and the door frame and makes its way happily into the courthouse from there, where it crosses the black floor mat and seems to vanish into the crowd.

Next we see a security officer attempting to shoo the small dog back outside as the dog tries to dance around him. The guard dances with it as it races back and forth after backing into the potted plant. The dog continues to dance as the security officer blocks it, and it eventually dashes back outside and toward the door it came in through.

The security officer rounds in on the adorable dog as it almost reluctantly walks away upon the guard‘s adamant request and gesturing.

The guard eventually chases the small dog down the exit ramp, where the dog appears to jump on its hind legs and try to charm him.

What did you think of the small dog who snuck into the Miami courthouse?