‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Oscar’s Last Days Detail Sorrow And Heartbreak Ahead

Craig SjodinABC

Oscar Nero is trying to make the most of the time he has left, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that the days ahead will be tough ones for his loved ones. Viewers have seen that he’s quite weak at this point and teasers detail that the week of April 29 will pull everybody together.

Co-head writer Shelly Altman shared some General Hospital spoilers about the upcoming scenes in the new print edition of Soap Opera Digest. She noted that Franco will pay Drew a visit at the beginning of the week, lending his support and bonding again with Drew.

In addition, Drew will do everything he can to be strong for Kim as she faces what seems to be her only son’s imminent death. She is understandably fragile and frail, despite doing her best to stay strong, but she won’t face this alone.

“Oscar has been her world for the past 16 years. So for Kim, she sees her world crumbling.”

Of course, Josslyn is in a pretty fragile state too. She’s determined to remain strong in front of Oscar, and General Hospital spoilers detail that this week she will mostly be by his bedside in his room at the Quartermaine mansion. She knows that Oscar will surely die soon, but she’ll continue to hold onto a tiny sliver of hope that he will beat this.

“[A]s everyone is forced to face the reality of Oscar’s failing condition, they struggle to find a way to let go – and that proves, not only in their case, more difficult than they could have imagined.”

As The Inquisitr has shared, Wednesday’s episode will be focused entirely on Oscar and his loved ones. While it’s not known if this is the episode will die, or if that comes slightly later, recent spoilers for General Hospital note that his passing will take quite some time for everybody to navigate.

The May sweeps spoilers from SOD note that Josslyn will need solid support as she grieves, and it’s going to take a substantial amount of time for this mourning process to fully play out. Her dad Jax will be back in town soon, and she’ll surely lean on Cameron as she grapples with this too.

Julian will be a source of support for Kim through this as best he can. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that there will be times where she finds she needs Drew perhaps more than Julian. There are clearly some heavy, difficult developments on the way, and it looks like tissues will be necessary for much of the coming week or two.