April 28, 2019
iFixit Removes Galaxy Fold Teardown At Samsung's Request

Over the years, iFixit has become known for its unique and in-depth product review process. The website regularly makes videos of its staff taking apart many of the newest mobile phones and laptops the market, in an attempt to show consumers the build quality and repairability of a device.

Most recently, iFixit decided to tackle Samsung's newest device, the Galaxy Fold, but Samsung wasn't too happy about the company's teardown video. The tech giant reportedly indirectly requested that iFixit remove the video and it complied, according to a report from MacRumors. iFixit released a statement explaining its decision to remove its video.

"We were provided our Galaxy Fold unit by a trusted partner. Samsung has requested, through that partner, that iFixit remove its teardown," the statement said. "We are under no obligation to remove our analysis, legal or otherwise. But out of respect for this partner, whom we consider an ally in making devices more repairable, we are choosing to withdraw our story until we can purchase a Galaxy Fold at retail."

During its teardown of the Galaxy Fold, iFixit described the device as "alarmingly fragile," according to a report from Business Insider. Over the last two weeks, Samsung has come under severe scrutiny after several of its flagship folding phones stopped working in the hands of popular reviewers. The company has since delayed the release of the new phone and is likely in the process of making significant changes to the device before its official launch.

The Verge's Dieter Bohn has pointed out that it's possible the company wasn't pleased with the bad press following the teardown video since it revealed a major design flaw. The video exposed a build issue that allowed foreign particles to get behind the display, which is the suspected cause of the issues with the review units.

The new release date for Samsung's $2000 folding flagship is not yet known, but it will likely be announced in the coming weeks. The company sent out an email to customers who have pre-ordered the device with an explanation. Samsung said its goal is to provide the "best experiences possible" for its customers and it will "take measures to strengthen the display protection."

Samsung said it will also be providing clearer instructions and guidance on the care and use of the product, including its protective layer, which several YouTubers unknowingly peeled off the folding screen, causing damage to their review units.

Despite encountering issues with the device, many reviewers still had positive things to say about Samsung's first attempt at releasing a fully functional folding phone.