Jana Duggar Is Supposedly Heading Into Her Own Business Venture

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Jana Duggar has shown just how many skills she possesses. She can not only cook and keep a house clean, but she also knows how to paint, remodel, garden, and use a saw just as skillfully as anyone can. Now it looks like she may just be using those skills to start her own business.

According to a report from Radar Online, the eldest Duggar daughter is supposedly venturing out beyond the kitchen. A Facebook page dedicated to a little Duggar snark got hold of a public record stating that she has just recently filed paperwork for a new business. There are no other details yet, but it does appear to be heading in that direction.

Duggar fans have been making pleas of Jana for her to start her own business after seeing many of the amazing projects that she has taken on. She had been seen in a few episodes of TLC’s Counting On doing some remodeling on her sibling’s houses and taking on other major tasks. She relies on the help of her brothers as well, but she gets right in there with them and gets the job done.

The 29-year-old reality star also shares plenty of photos and videos of her garden out near the huge Duggar house. She has given it her own unique style as she does with pretty much everything she gets involved in. Jana seems to have a knack for home improvements. Fans have deemed her the new Joanna Gaines. Most of them have pleaded with her to have her own home improvement show. Now it looks like this new business could be one step further to that coming true.

There have been plenty of rumors for the past couple of years that Jana Duggar has taken the first steps to owning her own business. This listing looks like she is well on her way to doing just that.

Jana’s recent project has been taking on the remodeling of her parents’ bedroom. Earlier this year, she completely redid Jim Bob and Michelle’s bedroom while they were out of town for a few days. Her siblings all pitched in to make it happen. She also headed up her twin brother John David’s wedding when he married Abbie Burnett in November. It seems like there is nothing that this girl can’t do.

While details of this new business that Jana Duggar has taken on have not been shared just yet, there is sure to be an announcement when she decides to make it public.