Erin Andrews Rejects Kiss From 50 Cent At Daytona

Erin Andrews and 50 Cent shared a kiss awkward moment at the Daytona 500 today.

Fiddy greeted Andrews before the race with a hug and multiple kisses. The ESPN reporter tried to turn away but she failed to escape the singer’s grasp. The singer leaned in for multiple cheek kisses and Andrews just had to grimace through it.

The Erin Andrews / 50 Cent kiss quickly blew up on Twitter as people reposted images, gifs, and jokes about the awkward incident.

One user wrote: Did 50 cent just try and make out with Erin Andrews?

Another added: 50 Cent getting all creepy on Erin Andrews. Well that was awkward.

The mood at the Daytona 500 has been a little grim after yesterday’s crash so maybe 50 Cent was just trying to lift Andrews’ spirit with a little kiss. Unfortunately for the singer, Andrews was not having any of it.

50 Cent probably doesn’t get turned down by too many girls but when he does he makes sure that he’s on national TV.

Here’s a video of 50 Cent trying to kiss Erin Andrews.

SB Nation created a GIF of the now infamous kiss. Check out Fiddy’s smug grin at the end.

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