Wardog Almost Didn’t Make The ‘Survivor: Edge Of Extinction’ Cast

While some fans love him, and some fans hate him, Wardog has been coined as one of the master manipulators of Season 38 of Survivor.

As The Inquisitr reported in an episode recap, it was just last week that Wardog took control of the game by handpicking who went home during a double eviction week.

During this week’s episode, Wardog acknowledged during a confessional that he was a huge threat in the game and not voting him out when his fellow tribe mates have a chance to do so would be a huge mistake on their part. While he was hopeful “stupidity” would happen during tribal council, he respected the game play involving his eviction.

Jeff Probst revealed during an interview with Entertainment Weekly that fans of the CBS reality TV series could have watched a very different show this season, as Wardog came dangerously close to not being a member of the cast.

According to Probst, the majority of the casting team had decided they didn’t want Wardog to be a castaway on Edge of Extinction.

“Wardog is a polarizing player. He was polarizing to us in casting as well. In fact, it took one of our casting producers stepping up and saying ‘I will fall on the sword for Wardog’ that ultimately got him on the show,” Jeff revealed.

Probst went on to admit that he and the rest of the Survivor production team couldn’t be happier that this individual pushed so hard for Wardog, as he played a huge role in the creation of a fantastic season.

“I think Wardog is definitely a manipulator, whether he’s a master manipulator is up for debate. He’s definitely not subtle. But as he showed, you can be aggressive with your approach, you can even ruffle feathers, so long as your approach connects with enough others who want the same thing. Most everybody gets voted out, but you have to have a philosophy to your game,” he added, as Entertainment Weekly had also asked for his thoughts on whether Wardog was the master manipulator of the season.

As Jeff points out, Wardog has been a very “in your face” player the entire season. He is bold, he is blunt, and he has never been afraid to bark orders at people. Probst believed the only issue with giving Wardog the title of master manipulator is whether you believe that can be someone who is willing to show their entire hand of cards to people.

As Wardog was evicted from the game, it didn’t take long for fans of the series to take to Twitter to share their thoughts on him. Many believed he got what he deserves as he played a very dirty game.

New episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction air each week on CBS.

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