Democratic 2020 Candidate Seth Moulton Says Sanders, Warren 'Too Far Left' To Beat Trump

United States Congressman and Democratic presidential hopeful Seth Moulton might be a long-shot candidate right now, but that doesn't mean he's holding his tongue. The Iraq war veteran recently said that rivals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are too liberal to beat President Donald Trump, and could guarantee him a second term, per Reuters.

In a recent interview, Moulton said that Trump will pose a threat in 2020 because of his ability to connect with voters in the heartland that are fed up with Washington. In the same interview, which is part of a tour to early voting states, he also suggested that Democrats are underestimating this power.

"We can't go too far left or we will lose middle America."
In his launch video, Moulton said that he's running for president because he believes Trump must be defeated. He previously served four tours in Iraq, although he later turned against the war. The representative from Massachusetts believes that Sanders and Warren are too left to take on Trump and that they will make it tougher for Democrats to win Congress and "take back the White House."

Moulton also pointed out that the pursuit of money drives most Americans.

"That's the spirit of America, that's the American dream."
He also reserved some harsh words for self-described "democratic socialist" Sanders, an early Democratic frontrunner alongside former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

"Bernie wants to change us into a socialist country, and we're not a socialist country," he said.

"That's not what America is all about. I don't think that a socialist nominee is going to win the presidency. I'm a Democrat, I'm not a socialist … He's a socialist, not a Democrat."
In response, Sanders spokeswoman Sarah Ford claims that Sanders' appeal is not in his brand of socialism, but rather his ability to fight for the needs of "working people."
"Senator Sanders has a long and well-known record leading the effort to create a government that works for all Americans."
To distance himself from the divisive battle of socialism by democracy, Moulton is planning to focus on foreign policy, a subject that many are afraid to address. He also claims to be positioning himself as a "change agent" against the old guard in Washington.

As The Inquisitr reported, Moulton made headlines for his appearance on Buzzfeed's online talk show BuzzFeed News' AM to DM, in which he revealed how he would negotiate with space aliens. He claims that if it ever happened, he would start with "diplomacy."