‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Milo Goes Knocking On The Dawn Of Day Door Asking For Shiloh’s Help

Rick RowellABC Press

There is a new General Hospital preview clip for Monday’s episode that has fans a little worried. Drew Cheetwood is stepping back into his role as Milo, but with a different twist. He has been one of Sonny’s bodyguards for many years and has been dating nurse Epiphany as well. Of course, you certainly can’t forget his ‘Magic Milo’ performance at the Nurses Ball. But now he is about to embark onto something new. Or is he?

The previews for Monday reveals that Milo is talking with Shiloh. That is rather curious, but now there is a little more detail from the clip that ABC posted on Friday. It certainly has General Hospital fans scratching their heads as to why Milo would show up at the Dawn of Day house asking for help. Shiloh greets him at the door and then Milo tells him that it’s an honor as he’s shaking his hand. He is carrying the Dawn of Day handbook and looks eager to have a chat with Shiloh.

This scene seems a little crazy to even think about since Milo is very connected with Sonny Corinthos. Why would he need help from Shiloh? This may all be just a little deceiving, and Shiloh may just be at the end of it.

For one thing, Milo introduces himself to Shiloh as Mark Turner. In addition, it appears that he knows exactly what’s going on with Kristina and where she is at right now. The preview also gave a glimpse of Sonny, Jason, and Sam chatting about what to do about Shiloh. Sam knows where he keeps the member’s pledges, so Sonny vows to get Kristina’s pledge back before Shiloh can use it against her and her family.

Sonny still thinks that the pledge is about him and his business and he is desperate to find it. That could be where Milo comes in. Could he be the one who goes in to grab it out of the Dawn of Day house? Or he could also just be a distraction so that Jason can go in and take it.

Things aren’t going so well with Kristina’s deprogramming. On Monday’s episode, Neil is concerned about something as he’s talking to Sonny. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Shiloh is out to get the truth. Is he catching on that something is up?

Keep watching General Hospital as May sweeps is upon us. More Dawn of Day drama is about to unfold very soon.