Miami Dolphins Hopeful On Stadium Proposal Date

The Miami Dolphins are hoping the county okays May 14 as the date for the stadium’s renovation proposal.

The Miami Dolphins are hopeful the Miami-Dade County Commission will approve the May date for a renovation proposal of $400 million for their stadium. This should give them time enough to get South Florida ready for the next Super Bowl.

According to the Miami Herald, Spokesman Ric Katz said the wording of the referendum has yet to be decided, but:

“we’d be very happy with [May 14 because] that gives us a week to communicate to the NFL before they make the important decision of Super Bowl 50.”

May 22 is when NFL owners are expected to meet to decide on the site of the 2016 Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is considered a tourist revenue prize for the city that hosts 50th anniversary football event.

Miami’s Mayor Carlos Gimenez met with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and CEO Mike Dee to talk about the proposal. Mayor Giminez says there is no set date, and he has no plans regarding it at this time.

According to NFL news, the referendum includes adding over 3,000 new seats close to the field. The proposal also includes a canopy roof to shield fans from the tropical sun and rain while preserving a grass field.

One proposal would increase the base tax in mainland Miami-Dade and increase the team’s sales tax rebate at the Miami Gardens stadium. Stephen Ross had originally offered at least $201 million in his proposal. Ric Katz, a Miami publicist, said the negotiations are still being made on what the Mayor would request for the referendum.

Do you think the Miami Dolphins referendum date will be set for May 14th in time for Super Bowl 50?