‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: James Patrick Stuart Teases Valentin’s Desperation To Keep Nina

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that Valentin will continue to scramble to keep Nina in the dark about his scheme with Sasha. Now, actor James Patrick Stuart is opening up about how intense things will get. Valentin has had some close calls on being exposed already, and fans know it’s just a matter of time before all of this implodes.

Stuart talked with ABC Soaps in Depth, and they shared the scoop in their new print edition. The General Hospital star explains that there has been no reason for Nina or anybody else to truly believe he has changed his ways to become honest, and he’s naturally going to rely on his established training and habits to get what he wants. At this point, what he wants most is Nina however he can get her.

Obrecht knows that Sasha isn’t legitimately Nina’s daughter, and Spencer has figured out just enough to rattle Valentin. Spencer’s threats led Valentin to back away from trying to alter the custody arrangement with Charlotte, and Valentin is in a position where he feels he needs to do whatever it takes to keep this ruse going.

“That kind of sums it up: Though the heavens may fall, he’s going to make this work. He’ll fix the next problem when it comes up – and I have no doubt this guy would do anything!”

May sweeps spoilers shared by She Knows Soaps tease that Valentin will continue to scramble over the next few weeks. He won’t be very happy to learn of Michael and Sasha’s romance, and it sounds as if his displeasure will develop for a few reasons.

For one, he probably won’t like to see Sasha getting too comfortable in Port Charles or too close to anybody she might end up confiding in eventually. In addition, apparently, Valentin will be concerned about Michael being connected to the Corinthos family, as they are a powerful entity that could cause trouble for him.

As for the bad choices Valentin continues to make, the General Hospital star explains, “At his core, Valentin’s still arrested emotionally as a teenager.”

“I don’t think he ever developed further than that. He has a very simple emotional world. He’s deeply selfish and not terribly mature or developed. He wants what he wants, and he’ll do wahtever he has to do to get it.”

Viewers know that this will all blow up at some point. It seems likely to be coming relatively soon, especially because it looks certain that it will soon be revealed that Willow is Nina’s true biological daughter.

How will the truth about Sasha emerge and what will that mean for Valentin going forward? More General Hospital spoilers teasing the drama ahead will emerge soon, and fans are anxious to get more scoop.