Mindless Behavior Appearance At Chicago Mall Ends In Chaos

Chicago, IL – An appearance by the boy band Mindless Behavior at the Ford City Mall was followed by 19 arrests and at least two injuries.

Authorities explained that a “group of youths” arrived at the mall shortly after the band had finished signing autographs for their fans. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, police stated the chaos that ensued had nothing to do with Mindless Behavior or their fans.

It didn’t take long for the teenagers to cause quite a bit of trouble in the mall. The suspects reportedly ran wild through the building once Mindless Behavior and their primarily female fanbase had cleared out. Police say the kids caused a fair amount of damage during their stay.

DNAinfo explains that dozens of police officers were dispatched to the Chicago mall in order to deal with the mob of unruly teenagers. When all was said and done, around 20 people were arrested. Authorities also said at least two people suffered injuries during the incident.

The mall was forced to close due to the rowdiness of the teens who descended upon shopping center after the Mindless Behavior appearance had concluded. Police said the mob soon spread to other areas. Over 100 individuals were spotted in the parking lot of a nearby Firestone. Others were seen trying to break into cars near a Sports Authority store.

According to the Chicago Tribune, nearly 50 police cars and a helicopter were dispatched to neighborhoods in Chicago’s south side to deal with the situation. A teenager and a Chicago Transit Authority bus driver were injured during the ruckus.

Mindless Behavior was reportedly at the Ford City mall to promote their new album All Around the World. The mob of teenagers showed up at the shopping center around 45 minutes after the appearance had wrapped up. All of the kids who were arrested during the incident are facing misdemeanor charges.

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]