AT&T Lists, Then Removes Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Supposed New Release Date

Following numerous advance reviews claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s foldable display broke after just a few days of use, the South Korean tech giant announced earlier this week that the device’s official release would be delayed indefinitely. In a statement published on the Samsung website, the company acknowledged that the Galaxy Fold “needs further improvements” and would require more internal testing, adding that a new release date would be confirmed “in the coming weeks.”

While Samsung did not offer any further hints as to when consumers can expect the Galaxy Fold to be sold in stores after its original April 26 release date was moved, AT&T appeared to offer some specifics in emails the carrier reportedly sent to customers earlier in the week. According to The Verge, these emails hinted at a June 13 release date based on screenshots that were published on social media. On the other hand, the outlet cautioned that there was a good chance the date was merely a placeholder, as it’s possible AT&T’s systems required the carrier to specify an exact date in order to allow pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold to continue.

On Wednesday, 9to5Google seemed to confirm the suspicions aired by The Verge and other tech publications, as the outlet reported that AT&T removed the June 13 shipping date, instead listing the Samsung Galaxy Fold as being “out of stock.” As further corroboration, 9to5Google published a screenshot from an anonymous tipster, which showed the June 13 date “shortly after” they accepted the new shipping terms on Tuesday, side-by-side with another screenshot taken on Wednesday that did not show any date whatsoever.

“Somewhat worryingly, in this case, AT&T still has his money tied up from sales tax and remaining payments on his previous device,” 9to5Google added.

Considering the “mounting evidence” that the Galaxy Fold has some “serious design flaws,” 9to5Google offered a rather pessimistic prediction for the device’s release date, suggesting that it’s highly unlikely that the foldable phone will be available to consumers “any time in the near future.”

Meanwhile, more reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Fold have been coming in since word first got out that the device’s screen was prone to breaking in certain situations. On Wednesday, TechCrunch’s Brian Heater wrote that his review device “worked fine,” but added that there were at least three units given to other reviewers that failed, which, to most companies, would amount to a “PR nightmare.” Heater said that he had a mostly positive experience with the Galaxy Fold, but stressed, in conclusion, that the future of smartphones is “just not here yet,” promising as Samsung’s first foldable smartphone may be in many ways.

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