Ben Simmons Reportedly Steering Clear Of Kendall Jenner During NBA Playoffs

Ben Simmons is said to be avoiding going out on dates with his girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, as the NBA playoffs roll on. Ben's team, the Philadelphia 76ers, is currently headed to the second round of action, and he's more focused than ever.

According to Hollywood Life, Ben Simmons is completely fine with putting his romance with Kendall Jenner on the back burner as he hopes to elevate his game, and his team, to an NBA championship level. However, it won't be easy for last season's Rookie Of the Year, as he'll have to get past the Toronto Raptors in hopes of heading to the Eastern Conference Finals.

"Ben is devoted to the NBA playoffs right now and going out on dates with Kendall would be a bad look for a team that is looking to win the NBA Championship. It's all business and it's all basketball for Ben. They are still dating each other but it's not super duper serious and she is still invited to any of his games that she'd like to attend, but she is busy herself and doesn't always have the time. They are giving each other some time to themselves so he can focus all of his attention to the team and the games that are upcoming," an insider tells the outlet.

The source adds that Ben Simmons doesn't want there to be any headlines about him going out with Kendall Jenner and not focusing on the games. He also wants his teammates to know he's completely determined to win.

Meanwhile, Ben is reportedly aware that some fans believe in the "Kardashian curse," which is a rumor that once a Kardashian or Jenner woman gets involved with a man, their career takes a nosedive.

Vogue reports that alleged victims of the so-called curse are said to be Kim Kardashian's former boyfriend, retired NFL player Reggie Bush, and her ex-husband, former NBA star Kris Humphries. Khloe Kardashian's former husband, Lamar Odom, as well as many others are also mentioned.

Philly Mag reports that when Ben and Kendall started dating, some 76ers fans created a petition online that stated they wanted Jenner out of the arena during home games. However, the reality star paid no attention to the petition, and became a staple at the games after all, usually sitting court side with Simmons' own mother.

Fans can see more of Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons by following the pair on Instagram.