Wayne Newton Estate Up For Sale, But Singer’s Horses Could Complicate Deal

Wayne Newton has his estate up for sale in Las Vegas as part of a bankruptcy process, but the Arabian horses that live on the land could make a sale tricky.

Newton’s estate went up for sale this week, with sale signs arriving on the lawn of Casa de Shenandoah on Friday. US Bankruptcy Court Judge Bruck Markell said potential buyers must post a 5 percent cash deposit of their proposed price by May 15 if they wish to but the home. An auction is scheduled for May 31, The Associated Press noted.

But the process could be very difficult. The 38-acre property has three houses with individual leases, and Newton’s Arabian horses have a right to graze the land. Judge Markell admitted that selling Wayne Newton’s estate would be complicated given such conditions.

Newton and his wife Kathleen are also appealing the sale order, the Las Vegas Review-Journal noted. The couple has filed papers to move all or part of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of CSD, the entity controlling of the estate, back to Clark County District Court.

Meanwhile, CSD has been trying to move Wayne Newton off the estate. The company filed an action to terminate the leases on the homes and force the Newtons off the land. CSD is also seeking to relocate the Arabian horses.

The original plan for CSD was to turn the Wayne Newton estate into a theme park to celebrate the entertainer’s career. That deal fell through, however, after the Newtons and the project manager couldn’t seem to work together.