Cillas Givens Weight-Loss Pictures: See The 'Most Dramatic' Transformation On 'My 600-Lb Life' This Season

Cillas Givens was in need of some major changes when he came to My 600-LB Life, and the weight-loss pictures floating around the internet in the aftermath of the episode show that he found it -- in a major way.

Givens' story was told at the tail-end of a season filled with dramatic and sometimes tragic results. A number of those featured saw significant weight loss on the TLC docu-series, while Kelly Mason tragically became the second person to die during the production of the show, even though she too found some major weight loss.

But Cillas Givens may have beat them all in terms of total weight transformation. As Distractify noted, his story was being promoted as the "most dramatic" on the show this season, and it may be the most in the show's history.

As Newsweek noted, Cillas lost a total of 384 pounds thanks to the weight-loss surgery and new healthy and fitness regimen he instituted., bringing him down to 314 pounds. While a number of other people featured on the show have lost hundreds of pounds, very few have lost more than half their body weight, and certainly not so quickly that it was completed before their episode even aired.

Cillas seemed to have some extra motivation than most, wanting to lose weight so he could be there for his girlfriend and their children. With his newfound health and weight loss, Cillas Givens proposed to his girlfriend at the conclusion of the episode, and she said yes.

Like many others featured on My 600-LB Life this season, Cillas appeared to benefit from a move to Houston. The Oklahoma native decided to uproot and move to Texas, where he can be closer to famed surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Those who were able to actually move to Houston this season have seen significantly more weight loss than those in past seasons and even this year who tried to return home and continue the weight-loss program on their own.

Cillas' Facebook page noted that he was living in Houston, though it is not clear if he intends it to be a permanent move.

Those who want to see weight-loss pictures from Cillas Givens after My 600-LB Life will have a few different opportunities. He shared a bit of the transformation on social media, posting a picture on Facebook showing his noticeably thinner face. He also has an Instagram page that is private, but gives another glimpse of his thinner figure.