Mother Arrested After Leaving Racist Post-It Notes On Neighbors' Door, 'You Made Me Hate N****** Now'

A 34-year-old mother was arrested after leaving a string of racist post-it notes on her neighbor's door over a parking space dispute. The woman says she is "not racist"; however, the post-it notes paint a very different picture. The woman calls her African American neighbors "monkeys", "apes" and "n******" while noting that "apes were never meant to drive, so stop." The woman was arrested on charges of intimidation and harassment.

KATU reports that Eva Chapin from West Linn, Oregon, is charged with harassing her neighbors after leaving a startling series of racist notes on their door after a dispute over a parking space. The post-it notes were left after Eva and the neighbors began arguing over a particular parking space. Eva became enraged over the ordeal and began leaving the racist notes on the family's door. The notes used racial slurs and called the residents "monkeys" and "apes".

Eva points out in the series of disgusting notes that she is "not racist." However, she then goes on to say that "you made me hate n****** now." She says she now understands why people are racist and that "apes were never meant to drive" so that the family should just stop driving all together. One note points out that in the 22 years Chapin had lived in the area there were no "n******."

"I've been here 22 years and no n****** and now you. U made me hate n****** now."
Ironically, Chapin has had complaints about her driving in the past. In fact, the mother was arrested for a DUI and reckless driving in 2012 according to the Daily Mail. To make matters worse, while Chapin was driving while intoxicated, her two preschool aged children were left at home alone.

As a result of the disturbing post-it notes, other neighbors say they do not feel safe living near Chapin. The neighbor, who only identified herself as Elizabeth, says that her teenage daughter came home to see the racist message and she is now trying to explain the content. Elizabeth says she has lived in the neighborhood for 11 years, but is now planning to move.

"She came back from school supposed to be happy. This is what she saw. I feel like I'm not safe here."
Eva Chapin is scheduled to appear in court on May 7 and is currently out on bail. Do you think any additional charges should be brought against Chapin for the racist post-it notes?

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