WWE News: Three More Moves Made For ‘SmackDown’ After Superstar Shake-Up

This year’s WWE Superstar Shake-Up has been a bit confusing and somewhat of a mess with additional moves, canceled moves, and all-around chaos. After last week’s Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, all should have been done, but that hasn’t been the case. As of last night’s SmackDown Live, three more moves were revealed post-Shake-Up and one of them is a former WWE Champion.

For those who watched SmackDown Live last night, you may have been surprised by the arrival of former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. As reported by the official website of WWE, Mahal had a scheduled match with Chad Gable, but it didn’t end up going on as scheduled due to Lars Sullivan’s interference.

Chad Gable was announced as one of the moves during last week’s Superstar Shake-Up, but Jinder Mahal was not. This was the first that anyone had heard of the “Modern Day Maharajah” going back to SmackDown from Monday Night Raw, and it was kind of out of nowhere.

Along with Mahal arriving on the blue brand, he also brought The Singh Brothers with him to Tuesday nights. Sunil and Samir go with Jinder wherever he ends up going, and that is why they were all moved together to SmackDown Live.

Mahal was actually set to face Gable in a one-on-one match in a bout between two superstars who just came over from Monday Night Raw. Upon heading to the ring, though, Gable was attacked by Lars Sullivan, which has become a running trend in the last couple of weeks.

Sullivan went to the ring and was about to attack Mahal, but the former WWE Champion pushed both of the Singhs at “The Freak.” That cowardly move led to Sullivan absolutely destroying both Sunil and Samir in the center of the ring.

After that, R-Truth came out for some reason and he ended up getting decimated by Sullivan as well. Mahal was the only one to escape unharmed during this debacle, but he didn’t get to have his match on SmackDown either.

Last year, Mahal went to Monday Night Raw in the Superstar Shake-Up and he took the United States Championship with him. That title, which ended up back on the blue brand, has gone back to Raw after Samoa Joe ended up being moved as well.

Jinder Mahal hasn’t done much since being moved over to Monday Night Raw, and now, he’s been randomly moved to SmackDown Live in the 2019 Superstar Shake-Up. It’s not known why this move happened, but it may be just what he needs to jump-start things again for him in WWE.

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