Meghan Markle Reportedly Aiming For 6 Weeks Maternity Leave

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With the imminent arrival of Baby Sussex, Meghan Markle probably has a lot on her mind. However, a royal source has revealed to The Sun that Meghan has one more thing to consider: a goal of just six weeks’ worth of maternity leave.

“Meghan has made it very clear she wants to return to work as soon as possible. She has huge amounts of energy, is extremely determined and wants to be as hands-on as possible with her charities.”

However, what these future plans might entail is still a mystery. As The Inquisitr previously reported, rumors have been circulating that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might temporarily relocate to Africa in order to broaden their global brand and fulfill Prince Harry’s duties as a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.

The Duchess of Sussex already has one event planned for after the baby’s arrival — a One Young World Summit scheduled for late October. However, the source claims that despite Meghan’s zeal to return to work, the former American actress has kept her schedule mostly clear, as a precaution.

“Nothing has been written into her diary just yet, as she wants to wait and see how she feels after having the baby.”

The source also claimed that the duchess is aiming for a six-week leave — though she has allowed time for more.

“She’s pencilled in three months, but she’ll most likely return to public life in six weeks — on the Queen’s official birthday, Trooping the Color, in June.”

The source noted that three months of maternity leave is standard for most Americans. In the United Kingdom, most new mothers can take up to 52 weeks. Meghan’s sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, took only five weeks after the birth of Prince George. However, she took a longer five-month leave after the birth of Princess Charlotte and a full half year with her third child, Prince Louis.

Pregnant Meghan Markle at a podium
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Meghan has always placed an emphasis on being busy, and impressed royal watchers with her strong work ethic. In an open letter written before the royal romance was revealed, Meghan was open about her need for a career, per The Independent.

“I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches — I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works.”

Short maternity leaves have become trendy in recent years, with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer taking only two weeks off after the birth of her son. That said, many have criticized the practice, arguing that it creates unfair expectations on new mothers.

Prince Harry is also planning on taking paternity leave, though the length of his leave has not yet been confirmed.