Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Harmony Pays Someone A Visit And Molly Reveals A Key Tidbit

George PimentelGetty Images

Things are really heating up on General Hospital, and spoilers suggest that Tuesday’s episode will be a wild one. Viewers may get to see whether their theories about Harmony and Willow being connected are right, and Molly will unwittingly reveal some details about Kristina’s whereabouts that could cause some trouble for Alexis and Sonny.

It’s been obvious for a while now that there is more to learn about Harmony’s connection to Willow. On the surface, it would appear that Harmony harbors some jealousy over Shiloh’s obsession with Willow. However, General Hospital spoilers have suggested that it may be significantly more complicated than that.

The Inquisitr previously noted that Harmony clearly stiffens up when Willow is mentioned, and fans have speculated that Harmony may actually be Willow’s mother. Of course, General Hospital spoilers have also suggested that Willow may truly be Nina’s biological daughter, thus Harmony would have been her adoptive mother or something of that nature.

Viewers have learned that Willow’s real name is Kali Miller, and Harmony’s real name is Lorraine Miller. While it could just be a coincidence that they both truly have the last name Miller, fans suspect it’s a significant detail.

Some fans have also noted that there’s another Miller familiar to General Hospital fans, and that is Diane. Granted, Miller is a common last name.

However, it seems pretty unlikely that all three of these characters just happen to have the same last name. Diane may not factor into where this is headed, but it seems almost guaranteed that the Harmony and Willow connection is significant and will shake things up.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show reveals that Harmony will approach somebody and note that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen one another. It seems certain that this will be Willow she’s approaching, and Willow will surely be rattled by this. Will this discussion reveal enough detail to confirm these latest theories about the connection between the two women?

Tuesday’s show will also have Molly and TJ crossing paths with Chase and Valerie, and Molly will unwittingly share more than she probably would have done intentionally. As The Inquisitr noted, actress Paulina Bugembe is now taking over the role of Valerie, and she’ll be digging into finding Krissy alongside her partner Chase.

Molly will mention how Kristina finally came to her senses and left the Dawn of Day house, and this will pique Chase’s interest. Alexis hasn’t told Molly everything that has gone down with getting Krissy away from DOD, and now it looks as if that could put several people in this situation in an awkward position.

Sam is angling to get into Shiloh’s inner circle, and Kristina is still resisting the efforts being made by Neil, Sonny, and Alexis to let go of DOD. General Hospital spoilers hint that there are still some major twists and turns ahead with this Dawn of Day storyline, and fans will be anxious to see what happens during this conversation involving Harmony during the April 23 show.