McDonald’s Tops Starbucks In Social Status

McDonald’s has toppled Starbucks as the top place to be social.

Starbucks has lost its status as the most social company in the restaurant business, giving way to McDonald’s. How did McDonald’s pull it off?

McDonald’s has gone with transparency. The company has opened up to the public with behind-the-scenes videos and an open invitation to ask anything we want of the fast food franchise and boosting its social status, says Forbes.

According to Paul Barron at DigitalCoCo, McDonald’s rise above Starbucks was impressive:

“McDonald’s rose almost 17 points over the past two quarters in consumer sentiment part of which has contributed to their approach to number one. Additionally the brands growth on Twitter and Facebook, two of the 16 platforms we analyze, almost tripled the growth of Starbucks. Additionally social consumer engagement also took a turn for the better for McD at a rise of 5 points in a single quarter.”

McDonald’s transparency campaign took place in Canada, though. However, some major outlets in the US have picked up on the idea and followed suit.

In a release by the Huffington Post, it was stated:

“….the fast food chain has launched a website called ‘Our Food. Your Questions.’ A press release claims that the site ‘promotes radical transparency using the same channels that perpetuated negative myths about McDonald’s food quality.’ The site has received over 5,000 questions and has a dedicated 10-member ‘social media response team’ to answer the questions through text, photos and video.”

So what’s keeping Starbucks from taking back its spot from McDonald’s for top social status?