WWE News: The Undertaker Was Given An Offer He Couldn't Refuse

When The Undertaker wasn't scheduled for -- and didn't show up at -- WrestleMania 35, a lot of fans thought he may have really been done with WWE. All of a sudden, he returned the next night on Monday Night Raw, confusing fans from all over. Now, there is a big update on his status with the company, after he was apparently made an offer that absolutely no one could possibly refuse.

Before that appearance on Raw, his last time on WWE television was during Crown Jewel in November, and some believed he was truly retired. According to Wrestling Inc., Taker agreeing to appear at the Starrcast II convention in May changed WWE's tune on how they were going to work with the legend from this point forward.

After Crown Jewel, The Undertaker apparently thought his in-ring career was over and that he would not wrestle again in WWE. This marks the moment when he began taking appearance bookings, and as The Inquisitr had reported, reportedly started charging a whopping $25,000 an hour for his time.

Once he got word that The Undertaker was making and accepting non-WWE bookings, Vince McMahon was not overly thrilled that his legend would be showing up elsewhere. The last straw was when Taker signed up to appear at Starrcast II, and that was when things hit a boiling point that required both sides to calm down and take a step back.

The WWE made The Undertaker an offer he could not refuse, but it came with a new contract as well.

The Undertaker returned to WWE on

With this new contract, The Undertaker agreed not to work any non-WWE dates other than those he already had booked. The Wrestling Observer, by way of Wrestling Inc., reports that The Undertaker was unable to legally get out of the Starrcast deal, and his appearance at the convention will proceed as scheduled.

As reported by Inside the Ropes, the United Kingdom event will still host a meet-and-greet happening with The Undertaker, but the Q&A session has been scrapped. Not looking to disappoint their fans, the event was able to land Mick Foley for the Q&A session, which is not a bad back-up plan at all.

Not all of the details of The Undertaker's new contract are known, and it might not even require him to wrestle again. Still, he is expected to return to wrestle at the next Saudi Arabia event on June 7, but that has not been announced or confirmed.

Despite the fact that WWE knows The Undertaker could never have a full-time schedule, it seems they didn't want him appearing elsewhere. In an effort to make a living, The Undertaker was fine with taking bookings, especially if people were willing to pay him for appearances. It seems as if Vince McMahon simply wasn't happy with that arrangement, though, and made "The Deadman" an offer he couldn't refuse.