Meghan Markle’s Family ‘Left Royal Family With Their Trousers Down’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

A new documentary is saying that Meghan Markle’s family caught the royal family off guard with their confrontational style when they were barred from the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But now, two royal watchers are putting the blame on the House of Windsor for all of the bad press they have received since getting into a spat with the Markle clan.

Express says that royal correspondent Helen Kirwan-Taylor and Prince Harry’s biographer Duncan Larcombe claim in a new documentary, Meghan and Harry: the First 100 Days, that Buckingham Palace handled the mess with the Markles badly, and any bad press is their own fault.

Kiran-Taylor states that for all of their experience with the media, the palace dropped the ball with Duchess Meghan’s family.

“For a machine that is so used to the press, they didn’t do their work.”

Larcombe says that media experts for the royal family should have advised the Markle family and provided them with support.

“The Palace missed their chance to embrace Meghan’s Family and to say to them ‘we are going to help you’. Don’t give interviews, if you have any trouble, any hassling you phone us and we can sort it out.'”

Larcombe continues, saying that the family missed the opportunity to help the Markle family, and now “Pandora’s box is open.”

In a second new documentary, Harry and Meghan: A Royal Baby, PR expert Mark Borkowski says that in a high stakes situation, the royals dropped the ball.

“When you are dealing with AA list celebrities, it is really tough. It is unforgiving. The royal household didn’t deal with her family and cut them off and separated them out and they became the embarrassing dad. That was a huge mistake.”

With the upcoming birth of Baby Sussex, Buckingham Palace has a second chance to handle the Markle family, as Duchess Meghan’s father has been begging to meet his grandchild, says The Inquisitr. Thomas Markle has told friends that he is eager to attend the baby’s christening, and can think of nothing better than to “hold his grandchild.”

But while media experts for the royal family can advise Thomas Markle and his other daughter, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha, on the things that they can and should do, they can’t force the family to behave. Samantha Markle is still threatening to release a memoir bashing the Duchess of Sussex, and so it’s unlikely that she will be welcomed into the family fold anytime soon.