Family Of Oscar Pistorius’ Slain Girlfriend Speaks Out

Johannesburg, South Africa – The family of Reeva Steenkamp, the model who was allegedly murdered by Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius, has been struggling outside of the courtroom with grief, frustration, and confusion.

Though the Pistorius family has tried to reach out to the Steenkamps with condolences, the latter family has apparently rebuffed them due to poor timing.

Oscar Pistorius is charged with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day. The defense says that the shooting was an accident. Pistorius’ family believes the runner is innocent, but accept that the law must run its course. The Steenkamp family is more ambivalent, reports MSN.

Pistorius himself is out on bail, and his family is pleased with his release.

“We are extremely thankful that Oscar is now home,” said his uncle, Arnold Pistorius. “What happened has changed our lives irrevocably.”

Pistorius says that the shooting was an accident, and he openly wept in court while his bail was considered. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel suggested that Pistorius was only upset because his career was in peril.

The Steenkamp family is distraught, but are seemingly willing to let the legal system run its course before they cast too much judgment on the situation.

“It doesn’t matter how much money he has and how good his legal team is, he will have to live with his conscience if he allows his legal team to lie for him,” Barry Steenkamp, Reeva’s father, told Beeld, a South African publication.

“But if he is telling the truth, then perhaps I can forgive him one day,” Barry said. “If it didn’t happen the way he said it did, he must suffer, and he will suffer … only he knows.”

Do you think that Oscar Pistorius murdered Reeva Steenkamp, or was her death an accident?