April 19, 2019
Baby Sussex Will Likely Receive This Brooch From The Queen If A Girl

With the imminent arrival of Baby Sussex within the next few weeks, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are likely receiving gifts like rattles, blankets, and pacifiers. However, it looks as if the baby's great-grandmother the queen has a more extravagant present: a diamond brooch.

According to Marie Claire, the queen, who owns the most extensive private collection of jewelry in the world, has been known to reserve pieces for certain family members. Grant Mobley, a diamond expert and gemologist, told the magazine that he believes the Botswana Flower brooch is the likely choice if the arrival is a baby girl.

"There are many heirlooms among the Queen's impressive jewelry collection, but the Botswana Flower brooch is a frontrunner as a potential piece to be handed down to the soon-to-arrive royal baby."
Mobley also discussed the history and value of the beautiful piece.
"Given to the Queen by the President of Botswana in 2007, the elegant brooch features 11 stunning pear shaped natural diamonds set in yellow gold."
The queen herself has worn the brooch on several occasions, like at the 2015 Royal Ascot, a 2014 State visit to France, and a 2017 Royal Maundy Service.

Queen Elizabeth in yellow at Ascot
Getty Images | Kirstin Sinclair
Queen Elizabeth wears the Botswana Flower Brooch.

Botswana holds a special meaning for Harry and Meghan, as the two took a trip to the African country as a their third date. Prince Harry has hinted that the trip cemented their love for one another, per Town and Country.

"We camped out with each other under the stars, sharing a tent and all that stuff. It was fantastic."
Moreover, the ring with which Prince Harry proposed to the former American actress had diamonds sourced from the Commonwealth nation.

Meghan Markle displays engagement ring
Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

Mobley also believes that Baby Sussex will receive the diamond and white gold Galanterie de Cartier studs that her mother, the Duchess of Sussex, wore on her wedding day.

Though Harry and Meghan have not announced the expected gender of their child, bookies are strongly leaning toward a girl, due to the color palette at Meghan's baby shower and a hint dropped by pal Serena Williams, per The Inquisitr.

Baby Sussex is expected to arrive within the next couple of weeks. The baby will be the first child for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Cambridge family waving in Canada
Getty Images | Mark Large

Royal fans might be wondering about what gift cheeky Princess Charlotte might have received, and it was suggested by Marie Claire that Princess Charlotte will receive the Maple Leaf Brooch, as Canada seems to have a special place in the Cambridge family. It was the first overseas tour her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, undertook as a royal, and the tot herself made a trip to the North American country in the fall of 2016.