Wendy Williams Reportedly Hires Extra Security To Deal With Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams has reportedly hired some extra security to help her feel a bit safer while she is on the set of her talk show, where her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, also works.

According to TMZ, Wendy Williams beefed up security around the show, hiring three full-time security guards to stand watch as she prepares for the show and films.

Wendy's husband, Kevin Hunter, is said to be still showing up for work despite the fact that the TV personality has filed for divorce and even served him the papers on the set of the show, where Kevin works as an executive producer.

Williams allegedly decided to hire the security due to some big fights between herself and Hunter, which TMZ's sources claim have been happening for weeks leading up to Wendy's divorce filing.

One insider claimed that things got so heated between Kevin and Wendy that Hunter actually had to be restrained. Meanwhile, it's rumored that Kevin won't have his job at The Wendy Williams Show much longer.

Sources have revealed that the show is working to come up with an "accord" that give Kevin cause to step away from his position on the show, leaving Wendy feeling more secure while at work.

Meanwhile, Page Six reported that there are rumors of abuse between Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter. A source that used to work on Wendy's radio show revealed that Williams would often hide things from her husband, such as her drinking, and that she would try to avoid him during the day.

"She would hide in the bathroom and tell me to knock on the door when he left the office so she wouldn't have to see him," said a former intern, who also added that staffers would "hear slaps or some type of tussling going on" behind closed doors between Wendy and Kevin.

Page Six also reported that it was rumored that Hunter may have been the cause of Williams' broken shoulder back in December.

Wendy filed for divorce earlier this month after rumors had been running wild about Kevin cheating on her, and even getting his mistress pregnant. The pair were married for 21 years, and are heavily involved in business affairs together.

Wendy Williams' fans have been very supportive of her through the divorce filing and the rumors that have come along with it, and continue to offer her well wishes on social media and in her studio audience amid all of the drama.